Your Grading assistant

Seneca, your very own assistant for grading & student feedback. 

Seneca uses the same AI technology as ChatGPT to grade complex material & provide students with personalized feedback.

Automated Grading

A graded attempt that turns your role from first-line grading to a moderator.

See an example here.

Interactive Feedback

Each student gets a unique link for every question. 

This link takes them to a interface where they can ask about their grade and get help from a Socratic tutor to improve.

See an example here.


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Can I integrate this into my LMS?

We integrate according to the LTI standard (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle) through dynamic registeration. Please emails us at for integration.

Here is an example video of the grading interface in your LMS.

Want a detailed walk through of our product?

Is this FERPA Compliant?

Yes, we are FERPA compliant. To get a Data Processing Agreement, please contact us.

How long does it take to grade?

It takes about 13 seconds for the average college-length assessment. 

What subjects can the tool grade?

Our tool works best with subjects that are "qualitative". 

Subjects that require in-depth discussions, applying knowledge, and a focus on understanding context and nuance.

What do I need to submit grading criteria?

Questions are required, while providing a rubric or memo is optional but recommended.